Can CFL Lights Grow Medical-Quality Cannabis?


These medical-quality buds were grown using CFL lighting!


Grow top-notch pot using “energysaving” lights?

Most people wonder if it’s possible. The same question plaguing forums, question/answer boards, and rumor mills abound.

And the answer is astounding. This website was created for the primary purpose of revealing the truth to the world. CFL bulbs are technology’s gift to the 420 community!


FIRST, you must understand four fundamentals of using compact fluorescent bulbs, or any other lighting setup for that matter. That’s IF you plan to get connoisseur-quality green at minimal expense:


1.) Genetics First: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Don’t expect to start with questionable genetics, such as that gleaming bag seed found in the latest brain-numbing strain that you enjoyed last Tuesday. Chances are the seed will not end up like the herb you partook in–lower potency, lack of smell, lack of duration, lack of vigor in growth, are just some traits that could arise from bag seed. Medical quality? Probably not.

On the other hand, if you’ve purchased seeds with unknown lineage, such as those purchased by seed banks and several types of breeders, the results may not be what you are expecting or not what the breeder claimed. If you have a TRUSTED seed bank or breeder, you have successfully passed the first step to growing med-quality Cannabis with CFL lighting.


2.) Grow Skill is a Close Second, if Not First!

If you can kill a dead stick, you shouldn’t be trying to grow anything comparable to top-notch until you’ve learned how to keep your plant alive from start to finish. After honing in on the fundamentals and getting into your “groove,” you can start to focus on growing quality, and your experience will allow you prevent problems and develop techniques which provide optimal conditions
to your plant(s).

If you have good genetics to start with, whether from seed or a clone, and you are comfortable with your ability to give your plants what they need when they need it, you’re halfway there to providing excellent, medical-quality Cannabis.


3.) “Show Me the Proof!”

There is no empirical data or PROOF that plants flowered under CFLs are less potent, flavorful, resinous or suitable for medical purposes than HID-flowered plants. One factor that needs illustration is the usage of UV light (UVB), as higher amounts of UV during flowering is said to increase the resin production of Cannabis plants in flowering. Since the sun is the master producer of UV rays, that is perfectly logical.

However, as stated, there is NO proof that CFL buds are any less suitable for medical purposes than those grown under higher intensity bulbs.


4.) CFLs COULD Get Even Better Results than HPS Lighting

CFLs, due to the close proximity of application, can actually render outstanding results for med-cannabis, possibly rivaling that of HIDs, depending on how FAR the plants are placed from the bulbs.


So what’s the verdict?

Can compact fluorescent lighting deliver medical-quality Cannabis that true connoisseurs and medical patients have come to expect?  The answer is an undeniable YES. 

As long as the genetics are known to produce “good bud” and the grower has the skill to see it through from beginning to end. Dead plants tell no tales!

Still need more PROOF of what CFL lighting can do at its best? Build your CFL grow hood today, and answer that question yourself!


By Robert Narley