Will My Weed Plant Stretch Under a CFL Grow Light?

Let’s rephrase the title, shall we?

“Why do Cannabis plants NOT stretch any more than usual when grown correctly using CFLs?” 


Perfect. Now let me explain something: CFLs don’t make plants stretch any more than when grown with other lights; if anything it makes them stretch less!

Let’s explore several points of logic behind my reasoning.


1.) Using more 2,700K light may cause your plant to stretch.

As a part of the plant’s natural hormonal response to the red light spectrum. Use more light in the 5,000K-6,500K range to facilitate the growth of dense foliage, with compact vertical growth (note: this is more anecdotal than pure, unchallenged scientific evidence).

Now, this doesn’t mean if you are using Warm White bulbs your plants will stretch beyond what they are “genetically programmed” to do in good conditions. It does mean that you will need to pay close attention to the amount of stretch if you’re using only Warm White type bulbs in your grow.


2.) If your plant isn’t getting enough light ABOVE it, chances are stretching will happen.

To compensate and “reach” for the light. CFLs are GREAT for growing stout plants, as the bulbs are mounted close to the foliage. If your plants’ stems are growing lanky and starting to look “weak,” your plant either needs more light, or your lights aren’t mounted properly. Would you like to know how NOT to mount your lights, if you want to prevent stretching?

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 3.) If you have intense light but poor reflection, stretching can occur.

The reason is, the light’s not being absorbed by the plant as much as it’s bouncing around the walls and on to Lostville.  The plant is stretching towards the areas where it notices light or  “thinks” there is light. This is why growing with CFLs should occur in smaller areas that compliment optimal reflection of ALL light given off.


4.) The brightest CFL in the world, mounted miles away, will give terrible results!

Read #3 above; the same principle applies for the distance your light(s) are from your plant(s). Remember, light diminishes at the square of the distance, measured in feet. With CFLs, you’ve already lost all of the USABLE light….at one foot! Remember that. Mount them close to the foliage like a rodeo horse rider to a saddle!


Hopefully this post will help end the proverbial question asking “will my weed plant stretch!” IF you still have issues or questions, feel free to leave a comment for assistance!

by Robert Narley