How to Dispose of CFL Bulbs, and Safely Handle Them When Broken!


how to handle cfl bulbs when they break



Are you aware of the fact that CFLs contain mercury, a highly toxic substance?

Do you know the health risks associated with mercury poisoning and certain types of exposure?

Do you know how to dispose of broken bulbs accordingly?



Here are the correct steps to take when your bulbs inevitably break:


1st –  IMMEDIATELY open ALL windows etc, and allow the space to ventilate for at LEAST 15 minutes. This will allow any gases released from the bulb to dissipate into the air, and eventually, out of your environment. Make sure you clear the room of all LIVING beings immediately after the breakage, as you open the window(s) and/or door(s).

2nd – SAFELY use a broom and dustpan to remove carefully swept glass. Have tweezers on hand to dislodge any glass which could be camouflaged into the surrounding areas.  Make sure not to accidentally touch the glass to prevent injury.

3rd –  DISCARD of the glass shards and the broken bulb, by placing them into a small box; preferably the box that the bulb was purchased in, if at all possible.

4th –  Check your local area for “authorized” locations to PROPERLY dispose of the broken bulb. Take it there as soon as possible!

Following these steps will not only teach you how to dispose of CFL bulbs, but they’ll also help to prevent injury to yourself,  and others. Oh yeah, planet Earth will thank you for not polluting her soil with mercury-based landfill scum!

Bon Voyage broken bulbs!