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safety with cfl lighting
CAUTION:  ANY electrical device using a wall outlet or high voltage power source can cause electrical issues and fire risk. However, properly configured/wired compact fluorescent fixtures carry as much risk for fire and electrical hazard as a regular household lamps used to read your favorite books; in other words, virtually […]

Can CFL Grow Lights Cause Fires and Electrical Problems?

how long to flower under cfl
  Have you heard the myth? “CFL flowering time takes longer than flowering Cannabis plants under HPS lights.” Contrary to semi-popular assumption, there is NO empirical data or PROOF that plants flower longer under CFLs than high intensity lighting such as HPS or Metal Halide lighting setups.   I’ll repeat:  […]

CFL Flowering Time: Do CFL Grow Lights Take Longer Than ...

how hot do cfls get
Low Operating Temperatures. One of THE number one reasons to use compact fluorescent bulbs to grow Cannabis. Powered on a mere fraction of the wattage used to illuminate their incandescent predecessors, the difference in heat generated is no small deal. These same bulbs used to save electricity in homes and […]

How HOT Do CFL Lights Get When You’re Growing Weed?

  When it comes to CFL lighting, “the more, the merrier!” The sun puts out roughly 100,000 lumens per sq. ft on a sunny day. Plants grown outdoors are not harmed by the sheer amount of lumens that the sun gives off, are they?! Plants can and do suffer stress […]

How Many Lumens are Needed to Grow Weed, Using CFL ...

cfl power generator
How many watts are too many, and how many are too little? One concern being tossed around constantly in various forums, search engines and discussions online, wattage.   ” How many watts do I need to grow weed, using my CFL light bulbs….?” The answer truly varies, but since you’re […]

How Many Watts Do I Need to Grow Weed, Using ...