CFL Grow Lights Work Best for Clones and Vegging, Not Flowering? Is That True?

are cfls good for flowering


“If you aren’t flowering your plants with HPS or MH lights, you’re doing your plants a major injustice!”

“CFL lights are good for the vegetation phase and cloning, but SUCK for flowering.”

“Buds grown with CFL lights are fluffy and airy.”


Statements such as the one above almost 100% of the time bounce from the lips of the uniformed!

Who are the uniformed?

Those groups of folks who falsely assume several non-truths about CFL grows, or who use CFL grow lights for clones, and nothing else.


1. Have use CFLs at the wrong wattage and/or wrong spectrum with (understandably) undesirable results

2. Have used CFLs but placed them incorrectly or used too few to get decent results

3. Have NOT used CFLs AT ALL for flowering, instead just “bandwagon hop” to seem cool and likeable.

4. Tried using CFLs to grow VERY large plants or too many plants at a time. Hence the results.

5. Did NOT use a CFL Flowering hood, specially built for flowering plants.


If you find 1-5 hard to believe, just go on your favorite search engine and type in “CFL grow Cannabis” or similar. Find a full grow, from start to finish, “allegedly” using CFL lighting without any other types–where bad results come from an excellent setup (such as one modeled after the advice given on this site).

If you find a BAD CFL grow where the grow wasn’t guilty of #1-5, please send me a link to said grow and I’ll publish it here….then I’ll run down my street butt-naked and eat my words immediately!


To recap…

Always remember to stay the course. Do NOT not listen to the bashers who “ASS-ume” that your favorite compact bulbs won’t do you plants any justice in bloom. Using a CFL grow light for clones, vegging AND flowering, can be equally as rewarding.

Keep visiting this site for help and ideas! And send us pictures of your results post-harvest so we can wallpaper the haters’ PC desktops with your luscious bud pics!


By Robert Narley