Rob Narley 32145

Greetings All,

Rob’s the name and CFL lights are my game!

Yep…I live in sunny Southern California and I love everything gardening!  I’m an huge fan of indoor gardening; Cannabis to cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more! Since I  discovered the magic of CFL growing, I decided I’d never get my vegetables (or weed) from a store or shop (or dealer) ever again!  I’m sure it’s obvious that I absolutely LOVE puffing ganja; I must have my favorite herbal remedy.

And we all know how expensive it gets to BUY it!  I created this site so you can grow your own, without the paying hefty expense that haunts most growers. Energy saving bulbs for the win!


FUN FACT:  I took my very first harvest to many of the local dispensaries and  collectives in my area (Los Angeles). Not only did they LOVE my harvest and raved about the smell, look and potency, but none of them believed I used CFLs! Nope, not even one. Matter of fact, they all argued that “my buds were grown with HPSor sunlight, or metal halides”….blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

I’m  sharing every BIT of knowledge that I gained to get such amazing harvest results, right on this website.My focus is bringing FREE and premium eBooks, articles, videos and more, to help you grow the best weed ever for the lowest price ever!


I even pass on the best deals and freebies from time to time.


This site is steadily becoming THE premier spot to find information, help and resources for growing Cannabis using CFLs. I’m sure you’ll find something useful here, if you haven’t already!

Any questions or comments? Contact me today.