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Articles – CFL vs. HID


Why Choose CFL Grow Lights Instead of HID Lights?

How to Build a D.I.Y Grow Light That Can Outperform an HPS!

CFLs Work Best for Vegging and Cloning, Not Flowering! Is That True?

Do CFL Bulbs Suffer From Poor Light Penetration?

Do CFLs Take Longer to Finish Flowering Compared to HIDs?

The Advantages of Using Compact Fluorescent Bulbs to Grow Cannabis!

Are CFL Grow Lights a Poor Choice Compared to HID?



Articles – Flowering


Can CFLs Grow Cannabis with High Levels of THC?

Will Compact Fluorescent Lights Produce ‘Airy’ Buds?

Which CFL Bulbs Work Best for Flowering Cannabis Plants?

Can CFL Lights Grow Medical-Quality Cannabis?



Articles – General Growth


How many Lumens of CFL Lighting Do I Need to Grow Weed?

How Many Watts of CFL Lighting Do I Need to Grow Cannabis?

How Should CFL Lights be Placed for Best Results?

Why do Cannabis Plants Stretch Under Compact Fluorescent Lighting?

What are the Disadvantages of Using CFL Lights to Grow Cannabis?

Which CFLs Work Best for the Vegetative Phase of Cannabis Growth?



Articles – Safety


Can CFL Grow Lights Cause Electrical Problems and Fires?

How to Safely Handle and Dispose of CFLs When They Break!

How hot do CFLs bulbs get when growing Cannabis?



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